Affordable By Design


We are different....

Cost efficiency and energy efficiency are integral to the design.  Affordable By Design™ floor plans are based on a square instead of the traditional rectangle shape.  A square, aside from a sphere, encompasses the greatest enclosed volume for liner footage of perimeter wall. Therefore:

1) Construction costs are less because you build less lineal feet of exterior wall.

2) Energy to heat and cool the home are less because you have less wall area exposed to the elements.  

Passive solar features and energy conservation construction techniques are integral features of Affordable By Design™ homes. 

Floor plan size can range from 750 square feet to 2,100 square feet

One story or two story

Bedrooms can range from one to five

Bathrooms can range from one to three

Attached 1-car or 2-car garage

With or without front porch

Cape roof

Gable roof

Shed roof

Hip roof