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HOme owners:

Home Owner 1 - Used our web site to show their evolving design to their parents. While designing their home this couple sought input from their parents while they vacationed in another state. The parents viewed the design on our web site and e-mailed their suggestions back back to them.

Home Owner 2 - Used our web site to design their home while in another country. Corporate executive was transferred to Indonesia for a period of 9 months. During this time away they wanted to design their home so they would be prepared to build it when they returned home.

Home Owner 3 - Used our web site to show their children the new addition. This couple's children lived in several states. They used our web site to keep them informed of the addition they were planning to build.

Home Owner 4 - Used our web site to communicate with spouse while traveling. Business traveling kept  this couple apart during the design their home. They used our site to discuss the design and communicate with each other.

Home Owner 5 - Used our web site to communicate with advisers in another country. This client is planning to build a vacation home with several rental bungalows in a tropical climate. To determine if the bungalows will rent  he had his advisers visit our site to prepare a marketability study.


Builder 1 - Used our web site to secure design approval. During the design process this builder's customer went on vacation.  Through our web site the builder's customer was able to view their design and give final design approval and to proceed with construction drawings.

Builder 2 - Uses our web site to have customers view their design. Through e-mail we informed the builder and the builder's customer that their design was posted on our web site. The builder and customer viewed the design simultaneously then discuss it

Builder 3 - Uses are web site as a sales tool. This builder informs prospective customers of their use of the internet to design their home. They also use our web site to illustrates the homes they are working on.

Builder 4 - Used our web site to save time. Sales at this builder's subdivision where skyrocketing. He was working with several customers at one time. He had each customer review their own design on our web site. He saved time by not having to meet each customer for design review.

Builder 5 - Uses our web site for supplemental advertising. This builder's Realtor places a written add link in their standard newspaper advertising. This allows interested readers to view color 3D images of the interior rooms and exterior views of the "to be built house".