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some common terms used in general house construction.

We received the materials you mailed to us. I have reviewed the floor plan and feel that it can be turned into a passive solar house. The changes you suggest, removing the porch and dormers on south side, are good ideas for more solar gain.

Building your home using a slab foundation will save some, perhaps a few thousand dollars over a basement foundation. For a passive solar house it’s main advantage is that it can be used as a heat storage system. The additional storage space that is lost can be incorporated into an oversize garage, however since it is unheated you will be limited to storing non-freezing items.

An oversized mudroom, perhaps linked to a garage, can be used for the needs of your 9 cats. For a number of reasons building a partial basement is more costly than adding a full basement.

At the latitude your site is located you can expect a well designed passive solar house to save you up to 40-50% of your heating bill. Supplemental sources/activities such as, greenhouse/sunroom, wood stove, thermostat settings, moving windows insulation can raise the percentage savings. Imperative to the success of a passive solar house is incorporating energy conservation construction techniques and details in your design.

To completely go "off grid" you would need to incorporate a system for generating electricity and heating you domestic hot water. Photovoltiac solar panels or a windmill system can reduce your electrical needs and solar panels and preheat systems can reduce you hot water needs. These supplemental systems can add some $10,000 to your budget.

Contractors are currently charging from $70 -$100/sf for new construction. The range depends upon the complexity of the plan (a lot of corners, complicated rooflines), finish materials, kitchen and bathroom fixtures. I think the plan you are thinking of can be build within your $137,000 budget. Even though the wrap-around porch may add about $25,000 to the cost this can be offset by the savings you will realize from being the General Contractor. The garage I mentioned above can add about $30,000 to your cost. You can reduce this cost by building only the foundation for the garage when your build the house foundation. Then you can build the garage, as you need to.

We would be very interested in working along with you in designing you new home. Your design would be done through our web site. You can see examples of homes we are currently designing on our web site at http://www.dennisdavey.com/online.htm.

Thank you for visiting our site and your inquiry into our services. If we can answer any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.