Time will vary with the size of your project and the services you want us to provide, generally you can expect;

Questions answered within 2 days. Can be longer depending upon the volume of mail we receive.

Design development drawings of floor plans and exterior elevations to fix and describe the size and character of your project can be done within 10 days, although it may be longer depending upon the volume of internet projects we are working on.

Construction drawings and specifications setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of your project can be done within 20 days, although it may be longer depending upon the volume of internet projects we are working on.


CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code is used. CABO is specifically designed for one and two family dwellings and is part of the three nationally recognized model codes, BOCA National Building Code, ICBO Uniform Building Code, SBCCI Standard Building Code. Each state adopts one of these model codes as its state building code or can adopt their own building code.

Additionally, some states have passed legislation to govern other aspects of building activity. For example, New York State has their own Energy Conservation and Construction Code and Florida's Energy Efficiency Standards requires compliance. Southern Florida has adopted standards for high wind loads.

Furthermore, some states have adopted two building codes. The western part of Texas uses ICBO and eastern part uses SBCCI

To verify  the building codes which govern your specific location in your state you should consult your local or state jurisdiction.


For most projects a site visit is not necessary. For new projects a site plan with contour lines will do fine. If you do not have a contour plan of your property we can us U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maps to indicate the contours in and around your area.   Photographs of the site can be helpful.

For additions and renovations photographs are essential. We will instruct  you in taking the existing measurements we will need.


Materials list are the providers best guess. They are not absolute. How may yards of concrete?, How many studs?, How many pieces of roof sheathing?,  How many bags of insulation?, How many sheets of gypsum board?, How may yards of carpet?.

One provider, say a house plan service, may estimate 100 pieces of roof sheathing, another provider, say a lumber yard, may estimate 110 pieces and yet a contractor may estimate 90 pieces. No two people estimate the same. So which number do you use?.


The information contained in a materials list is not useful to you. Unless you are a builder or plan to do-it-yourself your main concern should be the installed cost, materials plus labor and other expenses; Installed costs are obtained from builders or sub contractors. Builders and sub contractors will trust only their own materials list. If you are experienced enough to do-it-yourself you already have the resources and contacts who will provide you with free materials list.


Your best source for obtaining accurate costs  is to take our drawing to several reliable contractors for them to quote you a price.