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"Mr.. Davey. Good news. It looks like you have become our first choice. We have been mega impressed with your quick response and hot tips from your website."


Taking up the Challenge

When looking on the internet for an Architectural service, my brother and I did a lot of research.  We found that most providers were confident in dealing with their own country.  It took many of the respondents several days to reply with openness when taking up the challenge of a project all the way from the beautiful island of Bermuda.  Mr. Davey, however, took on the challenge and replied right away.  He has forged a creative path over the web for merging technology and architecture.  Giving insightful ideas for change, sound structural attention to detail (as per Bermuda laws), and posted, as well as, completed the project in a timely fashion.

We have been very pleased with the final project and hope to send you more work from Bermuda.  Thanks so much for bridging the gap across the Atlantic ocean and being apart of making our family dream come true.  The challenge complete.  - Luann and Ken Wainwright 

"Seven years ago, Dennis Davey made a presentation to our students in the middle school on career day. I thought at the time that if I ever needed the services of an architect, I’d certainly like to work with him. Last year we were ready to design a beach house that ultimately would be our retirement home. The development covenants were strict, and the Texas windstorm requirements were even stricter. Dennis followed the guidelines faultlessly. It was great to check the progress on line. Changes were made quickly. Since the house was to be built 2500 miles away, the developer and the builder were able to check on the plans easily. We also enjoyed sharing our plans with family and friends all over the country. The final plans were ready right on schedule and are exactly what we wanted.

I wanted to tell you that the thing I appreciated most about working with you was your response to my requests. Not just the changing of a wall or doorway, but I appreciated your explanations of why changes needed to be made, or what the consequences would be if something was changed. I appreciated your comments about lower costs by building one way or another. Thanks for a great job. We are so pleased" - Linda and Jack Sharlow

"Dennis has found a great way to make architectural expertise available to those too far away to visit him personally. He provided prompt and frank answers to my (e-mail) questions and helpful suggestions when necessary - without me having to take time off of work to drive across town to an office. I would recommend Dennis to anyone contemplating the design of a residential unit." - Richard Stadtherr

Thank you for making the design and planning of our new home an easy process. Your "on-line design" approach with "3 D walkthrough" helped ensure we were comfortable with our final house layout, and exterior look before proceeding with our final plans and specs. Being able to see our conceptual ideas come to life from all angles and elevations, and experimenting with different floor layouts helped ensure we were making the right decisions regarding our new home. I would highly recommend your services for anyone designing a new home. Thanks again for all your help." - Andrew and Antoinette Webster

"For a year my wife and I had thought about and planned for a dream house before we jumped into making it a reality. Using the Broderbund 3D Home Architect program we played with ideas and designs repeatedly. We analyzed our likes and dislikes, played with traffic patterns and refined our wants until at the end we had run through twenty-eight different floor plans. In short, we had invested a great deal of effort into getting just what we wanted laid out on paper. When it came time for an architect to turn our dream ideas into the hard reality of plans we were not sure where to turn. Then I came across Mr. Dennis Davey's web site: www.dennisdavey.com. Reading the site, we saw that his prices were very reasonable and that he could work with the computer drawings we already had. That is when we decided to try his service. 

It was a very good decision. He looked at our plans and had a number of good suggestions. He was very flexible when some contracting problems led to us having to change both lot and floor plan. He took the floor plan we had designed and turned it into beautiful elevations that will fit wonderfully into our new neighborhood. Our builder had contacted Mr. Davey to discuss some details, and at our bidding meeting, the builder commented enthusiastically on Mr. Davey's experience, professionalism and friendliness.

Overall we could not be more pleased and we heartily recommend Mr. Davey and www.dennisdavey.com to anyone who is searching for architectural services." - Charles & Jennifer Jones 

"It was great to be able to see the house in 3D from several angles and in color. The convenience of using the net was helpful as well as the ability to quickly see the impact of requested changes in the design. The house turned out looking just like the pictures we saw on the net." - Stephanie & Bill Tremko 

"I would just like to say that being able to view your design ideas online was a great concept. Often it's difficult to picture the way someone describes something or waiting for floor plans can be a lengthy process, but being able to see your ideas almost immediately, and also having the ability to make changes almost immediately made this process a fun and exciting time for my wife and myself.. Thanks again Dennis !!" - Bob Mansfield.

"We're also hoping to finalize our properly purchase soon, which will enable us to engage with our builder, finalize our plans, and move towards construction drawings. In fact, I've already asked our primary candidate for builder to look at the current plans and he was pleased with the "clean lines and layout" of your design." - Greg & Dianna Calfin.

"The 3D viewing was awesome. The virtual walk through made it much easier to visualize how our house would look. We had to make quite a few changes to our design. The net allows us to quickly see the impact of the requested changes in the design without face to face meeting. In fact, we were Dennis' virtual customer. We had our design done without ever meeting Dennis." - Hong & Linda Cham

"We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your help in getting our house plans finalized. As you know, we were living in Indonesia at the time that we were working with you on our plans. Being that far away, your website proved to be invaluable. We could e-mail you questions and suggestions, and shortly after that could check the results of our comments by reviewing revised plans on the website. Without this service it would have been a very time consuming process to reach a final consensus on our plans. In addition, your personal insight regarding how we wanted to use our home resulted in final plans that we believe will result in the house that we have always wanted." - Pam & Tom Matthews.

"Our experience with Dennis architecting the addition to our home was excellent. He created the designs ahead of schedule, and was very responsive to all of our questions and modifications. Dennis understood our requirements well, and we are very happy with the resulting designs. The online (Internet) viewing capability was great. It made it much easier to visualize how our house would look, and also allowed for wonderful flexibility. For example, we asked for three different variations of "looks" for the front of our addition. We were able to see all three possibilities, and pick our favorite, prior to Dennis creating all of the detailed plans. Dennis is a nice, honest person, and our meetings with him were very positive. We were very happy with Dennis, and we would certainly recommend him to anyone." - Ann & Tony Zimmerman.

"When my husband and I started the process of building a home, we had no idea were to start looking for an architect.

We looked in the yellow pages, asked a few people we knew, but weren’t impressed with what we came up with.  Being somewhat of a computer nut, I started searching around the internet and came across "www.dennisdavey.com".

Dennis' site provided us with very specific information about him, his company, what services he could provide and approximate pricing based on square footage.  Everything we were looking for right there at our fingertips, without having to make a million phone calls and setup a million meetings! 

First meeting, was reviewing our plans, (we had a picture of the basic house we were looking to build). Then we discussed, our "definite needs" and our "we could live withouts", and all the while Dennis showed a willingness to "tweak" our plans as we wished, staying within code guidelines for the state of Connecticut and within our budget.

Once he started the plans, we e-mailed each other almost daily, with questions, plan changes, deadline information, etc. We found this to be a wonderful vehicle of communication, because I'm on my computer all day long, so questions and answers were responded to quickly. We were working with a tight deadline and Dennis was able to meet that timeframe with no problem.  

Once he completed the first draft of our plans, we were able to take a "virtual" walk through by logging onto his website.  We could view every inch of every room and found this to be helpful to us in making modifications and to say the least, very impressive and fun!  Our builder was also able to view the "virtual" drawing and he was very excited to have this access as well.

We found Dennis' pricing to be competitive with other architect firms we inquired with, and found our experience with Dennis Davey, AIA, to be both pleasant and educational" - Christine and Kevin Mullane

"I was desperate to correct a problem that arose in the course of my building project. In my desperation I went on line and found Dennis Davey who calmly listened to the problem and proposed a fairly simple solution. He was efficient, affordable, prompt and responsible and I'm trusting that his solution will work. I will be installing it, as per his direction, next month." - Andi Novick

"We approached Dennis recently to design an addition for our home. Since we had also worked together to design our original home, we were aware of the multiple phone calls and meetings required to work and rework designs. Upon talking to Dennis, however, we were amazed at how automated the process had become, and pleasantly surprised at the resulting efficiency. Plans and reworks were received much faster, and time intensive face to face meetings were replaced by e-mails. The apparent ease by which Dennis could make changes on-line enabled us to explore more "what if" scenarios, ensuring that we were satisfied with the final product. In a nutshell, the internet application made the experience much more pleasurable and manageable." - Elaine & Richard Cofrancesco.

"After a month long search - a personal referral from my parents for Dennis Davey came to me. I was a bit leery of how this would work - an online architect? I was requested to take pictures of the interior and exterior of my house. I sent along these photos and some information that I was able to obtain from the town hall on the basic dimensions of my house. A few days later - I received an email asking me to view my current house plans off of the online design center. I was completely impressed - here was my house almost exactly laid out! We went through several different design layouts until I got what I was looking for. I would get some requests for additional photos or measurements along the way - all of which I could do on my own time. Each new scheme was located off of the website which allowed me to access this easily and quickly from the comfort of my office. I was also able to share and get ideas from colleagues and family - I just sent them the URL. I had inputs from Massachusetts, Connecticut and as far away as Galway Ireland. I just received my official plans in the mail. The whole process went fairly smoothly." - Donna Reynolds