a Hom4Me


a Hom4Me....

Accommodating a kitchen and bathroom with standard size appliances and fixtures and ample space for standard size furniture for your sleeping, dining and living activities. All within 225 square feet of uniquely designed floor space and 90 square feet storage loft, all under a paneled wood cathedral ceiling.

The foundation, framing and  interior finishes of  a Hom4Me™ are all designed to be erected by at least three people with hand tools within a week's time. One person with a knowledge of carpentry and construction will be helpful. A licensed plumber and electrician will be required to complete the plumbing and electrical work. A concrete slab or foundation walls can be substituted for the wood pier foundation.

When you purchase  a Hom4Me™ you will own a home with a valuable asset, pre-planned expansion. Although  a Hom4Me™ is a complete and standard house in it's our right, it is designed to become a larger home, expanded upon in a logical and organized sequence. It’s one piece of a four piece master plan. As your personal circumstances and financial condition change you can grow into a three-bedroom 900 square foot home.

Plans are available e-mail us at hom4me@dennisdavey.com.